Acceleration at the secondary level includes placement in grade-advanced classes. This is extended to early or concurrent enrollment in college courses for high school students.


Beyond varying content, process, product, or environment within the regular classroom, differentiation at the secondary level may also include honors courses, problem-based learning, and passion projects. Teachers in South Central BOCES schools are regularly offered professional development to help them improve their differentiation skills.

Affective Programming

At the secondary level, gifted student affective goals are often focused on career and college readiness. Some schools offer gifted students opportunities to connect with gifted peers around these and other affective issues, while others use school-wide programs or counselors to support affective goals.


Districts offer a variety of enrichment activities outside of school time. Gifted students are encouraged to participate in enrichment that matches their interests. Some offerings include: Destination Imagination, Robotics, Knowledge Bowl, Rubik's Cube Club, Bridge Building, and Science Fair.